PortionMate for Kids
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    PortionMate™ For Kids

    Meal Planning Kit for Kids Ages 6 through 12

    Product Description:

    PortionMate™ is a set of six color-coded cylinders with volumes from largest diameter to smallest diameter, 1 cup (Green), 3 ounce (Red), 3/4 cup (Yellow), 1/2 cup (Orange), 1/3 cup (Blue), and 1 ounce (Purple). 

    Kit includes the PortionMate™ for Kids Meal Planning Guide, the PortionMate™ Shopping List, a measuring guide card for posting, and a Pack-A-Snack container.

    Product Details:

    BPA-free food grade plastic - Sturdy construction - Made in the U.S.A. - U.S. Patent US8020439B2

    Product Benefits:

    Quickly and easily measure perfect portions of food with PortionMate™ color-coded measuring cylinders.  

    Children have different nutrition and calorie needs than adults. 

    The PortionMate™ for Kids Meal Planning Guide provides complete nutrition information according to MyPlate U.S. Government recommendations. 

    Helping kids to develop healthy eating and exercise habits will benefit the whole family. 

    Pack-A-Snack container fits in backpacks.  Lid color will vary.

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