Questions & Answers

What is PortionMate?

PortionMate is a meal and snack measuring tool that allows the user to quickly and easily measure perfect portions of carbohydrates and proteins directly into a plate or a bowl.

How do I use PortionMate?

Each PortionMate cylinder has a color that corresponds to a specific group of food. Simply choose the desired color PortionMate cylinder and place it into your plate or bowl. Fill the cylinder with food, which may be chosen from the food lists provided in this booklet. Lift and remove the cylinder from your plate or bowl, leaving behind a perfectly sized portion of food.

Is PortionMate a diet plan?

No, PortionMate is not a diet plan. PortionMate is a food measuring tool that will work with any diet plan. This guide is intended for general use and you should follow the recommendations of your healthcare provider when planning your meals and snacks. Please consult your physician before starting any diet plan or exercise routine.

Who can use PortionMate?

PortionMate can be used by any person who is interested in eating properly sized food portions. PortionMate is a great tool for any user whether his or her goal is to lose weight, gain weight, maintain a healthy weight, control blood sugar levels, or to incorporate more healthy food choices into his or her diet.

Can children use PortionMate?

Yes, PortionMate may be used by children, but you should know that children have different nutritional needs than adults. Parents should consult with a pediatrician or family physician before starting a child on any diet plan.

What can you measure in PortionMate?

Fruits, vegetables, cereal, grains, meats, cheese, nuts, and seeds are some of the foods you can measure in the PortionMate measuring cylinders. Please note that some diet plans such as those for people with diabetes, will require the use of a food scale, tablespoon or a teaspoon along with the PortionMate measuring cylinders. Please check with your healthcare provider when planning your meals and snacks.

Can PortionMate be used as a visual guide to portion control?

Yes, PortionMate is a great visual guide to portion control. You may find PortionMate helpful in calculating your portion sizes when dining out.

What are the volumes of each PortionMate cylinder?

There are six PortionMate cylinders with measures from largest diameter to smallest diameter: 1 cup (Green), 3 ounces (Red), 3/4cup (Yellow), 1/2 cup (Orange), 1/3cup (Blue), and 1 ounce (Purple).

Does PortionMate require reading graduated lines?

No, PortionMate is a color coded measuring tool that does not require reading graduated lines. Each PortionMate measuring cylinder has a specific color and a specific volume. The user may refer to the food lists provided in this booklet to determine which color cylinder to use to produce a perfectly sized portion of food for that particular food group.

Is PortionMate BPA (bisphenol-A) free?

Yes, PortionMate is BPA (bisphenol-A) free, and is constructed from food grade plastic.

Is PortionMate dishwasher safe?

Yes, PortionMate is top rack dishwasher safe. To extend the life of the product, after use, we recommend that you hand wash PortionMate in warm water with detergent, rinse, and dry. Please store PortionMate in a clean, resealable sandwich bag.

Can PortionMate be used in the microwave?

No, PortionMate is not microwave safe. Please keep PortionMate away from heat sources.